Kymiel was born on Summerset Isle and she lived a very quiet life most of the whole timeline of the second era. As an Altmer she was born and raised around magic and sorcery and at a very early age she could master skills for various defense methods and she also learned the skill of a healer. Her father worked as a Chronicler and worked for one of the enclaves which was funded by the Queen. He was also very concerned about the future and wrote journals of events in his life and events surrounding him. He felt it was a crucial investment as he felt in his heart that something in his life was about to change. He taught Kymiel everything he knew and she got this enormous ownership to the chronicles and books. She could spend nights in the enclave studying and she often read about her father’s adventures and journeys. There was one book that very early caught her interest. A blue book of magic that contained a very powerful skill that only could be obtained if one had a pure heart, this means enough wisdom and a clear mind. Kymiel was not ready yet, she had to read all the other books and learn as much as she could before she could obtain this master skill.

Unfortunately Summerset Isle was not free of dark events and one night Kymiel’s hometown were underneath an attack and there were raiders taking all of value in significant buildings and Towers. Kymiel’s world fall apart when it became to her knowledge that all the books and chronicles from the Enclave were stolen. Her father works for hundreds of years were gone and a part of him were now gone. Her father stopped writing and he decided to be a craftsman instead.

Although not everything was lost. A year after the tragic incident there was mercenaries that gave report that they had found her father’s books at random places in Tamriel. One of the books that they found was the blue book of magic. Kymiel then decided she should look for the rest of her father’s chronicles and books. The fact they found many of her father’s book gave her hope that she could find the rest. The last report was that some of his books was scattered around the lands that were underneath the Ebonheart Pact. She decided to find a reason to join their pact so she could join their ranks for missions and get access to lands forbidden to her race. The journey was long and harsh, but then she found a friend of another Altmer that also had joined the pact for other strange reasons. Together they searched the lands in Deshaan, Stonefall, Shadowfen and The Rift.

Kymiel is now searching for the books and she is developing her skills in a speed rate. She is a young adult, taller than most. She has humanoid features and her hair is wavy like waterfall.
She rarely meets fear, but she observes encounters of awe and fascination. She learns a lot about the history and she quickly discovers that there are unknown threats that not necessarily are between the covenants, but that seems comes from a larger threat that reaches above everything…